Benang Prolene 6-0 Cutting 15mm

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W523 Benang Prolene 6-0 Cutting 15mm


W 523 Prolene 6-0
W 523 Prolene 6-0

PROLENE Polypropylene Suture 6-0 Prolene 6/0 W523 Benang Prolene 6/0 Blue Benang Prolene 6-0 Cutting 15mm, 3/8circle, PC-3 Benang 45cm blue indicated for skin closure and general soft tissue approximation and ligation (diindikasikan untuk penutupan kulit dan pendekatan dan ligasi jaringan lunak umum).

Benang Prolene 6-0 Cutting 15mm W523 kemasan box 12pcs, PROLENE BLU 45CM M0.7 monofilament blue 6/0 15mm 3/8 circle Curved Cutting advantages include minimal tissue reactivity and durability (reaktivitas jaringan yang minimal dan daya tahan), kemasan sterile individual box 12 pcs, harga jual IDR 1,258,000.


1. W523 Benang Prolene 6-0 Cutting 15mm
2. Non-absorbable, 15mm, 3/8circle, PC-3 Jarum Cutting.
3. Harga Jual Rp 1,258,000.




W523 Nama Produk Prolene Polypropylene Suture 6-0
Kategori Produk Wound Closure / penutup luka                          Non-absorbable Sutures, Benang Prolene 6-0 Cutting 15mm Blue W523
Deskripsi PROLENE BLU 45CM M0.7
Jarum Curved Cutting 15mm, 3/8 circle PC-3.




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